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Starr Cullars & the Enterprise

Review 01/30/99 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At the North Star Bar - Philly Let me say that this is the best Starr Cullars show that I ever attended. For the first time, Ms. Starr Cullars connected with the audience. (Keep it up, girl!!) Starr Cullars started her first show at 10:35pm with the most intense performance of the high-powered, heavy-metal rock "Alice in My Fantasies" (originally by Funkadelic). Starr Cullars and the band ripped the shit out of that song!!!! Starr actually sang all the lyrics for the song! The entire audience was on "funk fire", some dancing with the thrash-rock vibes of "Alice in My Fantasies". Lige played some bombastic guitar licks while Starr held the bottom of the groove with some deep, infectious bass rhythms!! Following that song was the following Starr Cullars standards, "Red Alert", "Starrgazing", "Seduce Me", and "Darling Does He Really?" Starr's vocals were wonderful on the Tina Turner classic "Simply The Best". "Soul Mate" was simply splendid with some hardcore guitar-rock riffs from Lige and earthquakic bass riffs from Starr!! "Rhythm & Rock" was a new thing that Starr Cullars tried out on the North Star Bar's basically a variation of the George Clinton chant "Rhythm & Rhyme"........"rhythm & rock, rhythm & rock, rhythm & mother-funkin' rock!" This is where Starr connects with the audience with this funky chant.......chants like "Go Starr!" and "Starr Cullars!!" soon followed. "Sunshine" was a welcomed treat with more hardcore rock grooves by Starr & Lige and tight beats from funky drummer, Shawn Hill. The first show ended at 11:35pm. Starr Cullars started her second show at 12:10am with the mid-tempo R&B tune "Kosen Rufu" (Japanese for "World Peace") and hardcore funk-rock "Make It Happen". "Lady Likes Bottom" was the one of the best performances in the second show, with a lot of audience participation......the audience chanted "Up's a place to throwdown from!" Of course, there were more chants like "Go, Starr!" floating around the area. I loved the nasty, raw bass solo that was performed by Starr!! "Blastin' Off" was another one of those red-hot, hardcore rock tunes, but "Tonight" sounded more than excellent with those choppy drum beats, courtesy of Shawn Hill. "Red Hot Momma" was a powerful blast of heavy-duty funk-rock energy, designed to make the stiffest person give up the funk!!! Lige claimed that George Clinton wrote the song with Starr in mind........well, that might be a bit of a lie......anyway, Starr is definitely red-hot, baby!!! Starr and her band decided to perform "Starrgazing" again. The last tune performed was the music of "Let's Take It To The Stage", with the audience chanting "Make My Funk to Starr-Funk, I Wants To Get Funked Up!" and "Ain't No Party Like a Starr Cullars Party, 'Cuz a Starr Cullars Party Don't Stop!" The performance of "Let's Take It To The Stage" was very, very good! To satisfy the fan's appetite, the band performed the heavy funk-rock tune "Make It Happen" again, as the encore song. The second show ended at 1:25am. Starr Cullars & The Enterprise were really loose that night and the performance was "off-da-hook"!! There were 140 people at the gig and most of them were seriously getting their groove on!

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